A Ramadan to Remember | Identity Design & Art Direction Campaign

Our design process began by searching for the meaning behind Ramadan. The concept bloomed from words, emotions, and memories to visual connections to tie together the story unfolded.

The emphasis was on the message of “Coming together and celebrating in Style”. The Ramadan Edits focused on inspiring the serene and optimistic moments captured through the fashion lens. The 2023 Ramadan Campaign "A Ramadan to Remember" was a digital campaign across the OUNASS fashion home pages, social media takeover, and digital marketing assets on several platforms. The editorial launch was spread across social platforms using digital marketing videos and brand features to create the ultimate Iftar look. The series was composed of the trinity of location, styling, and concept coming together.

The layering of arabesque patterns, windows, tiles, and shadows expands interlaying geometric shapes interconnected with the natural shots taken at the location shoot.
The Arabic typography was an integral part of the banners that was inspired by Arabic calligraphy that merged with the editorial shots in unity. The exaggerated kashidas, typographic forms, and thickness in font formed the purpose behind the cherished spirit of a story.

All rights reserved for OUNASS

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