ROAR is a handcrafted cocktail bar that fuses your inner animal alongside the best version of your favourite artisanal cocktail. The ingredient mix and style of presentation cultivate a unique experience in the high-end fashion venue integrating the enigma of the animal kingdom. 

The branding emphasises the depth of flavour which is articulated in animal textures, bold colors and endless visual layouts. The logotype was a visual representation of what a 'roar' feels like. The serif font is modern and sleek scratched by a lion, the king of the jungle. The original animal print was abstracted to shape a circular logotype to be used across the venue. 

The embossing and debossing of the logo on packaging, signage, and print design was an integral part of the brand to maintain the high-end minimalistic ambiance. The colour palette is as crazy as the jungle, the saturated and bright colours create a mood of vibrancy and youthful exuberance. The visual identity carries this experience by combining animals and visual illustrations with food and beverage for the fun wildlife theme. This remains respectful of animal rights.

An experience relies on the surrounding, and in this case the details on textures create a sensation where a graphic language comes to life. 

All rights reserved for FIVE PALM JUMEIRAH

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