Arabic typography emerges from the harmony that connects each letter individually in order to create a beautiful word, both in meaning and visual. This installation is based on an Arabic poem by ردينة مصطفى الفيلالي titled خطوات أنثى (Rodayna Mostapha Al Filali - The Footsteps Of Females). The connected nature between a poet and his/her words was developed through the use of transparent acrylic material. It is an emphasis of how delicate and bare this connection is; an ongoing metaphor throughout her poem of how bare her emotions are to the world expressing the betrayal she faced from her loved one. Each cylinder is a chosen excerpt from the poem which mimc the rhythm behind her anger, weakness and outbreak of sorrow. This sensation is constantly transmitting the graphical language by rotating words to graphically emerge symphony; similar to his control over her emotions.  

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