Poema18 is a visual voice between poetry and graphic design. It is a poster collection that explores the relationship between word and design. Not just any word, rather the fragile emotion and powerful language from history evoking savored memories throughout time. Each edition contains 10 double sided posters from 10 different nations and 10 different poets. 

Graphics and illustrations was the approach to bring one common language across this project; the naked eye standing before them. As a result, heightening empathy is a vital message that was voiced in the surrounding space that the Poema18 series was displayed at.

Each poster is suspended with one side holding an educational insight explaining the history behind the poem chosen, the poet, the artist and the nation. The second side visualises the meaning behind it all and feeds the eye with this new language created. Visitor's senses are stirred as they are isolated in their own space and connect emotionally to shape and color.

The posters are collectables to further inspire one, they are folded and packaged in their unique envelope with an indication to which theme it belongs to. The first edition is only the beginning to how art, history and culture inspiration are displayed through the beauty of typographic language. 

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